Training Design and Development

That’s integrated and streamlined
Fit-for-purpose training communication.
We question and probe to understand your specific industry and business training needs so we can develop highly relevant, user-focused content.


Having a training manual is one thing. Ensuring it’s integrated with your existing systems and procedures, easy to understand and used in the right way by your people is something else entirely. ITAD has a proven ability to write and design effective training content that connects with specific user groups across a broad range of industries.
Our approach integrates your training content and design with your existing processes and procedures, so that it’s simplified, easy to access and compliant.
  • Streamlined training communication
  • Single sourcing concepts so your people can access what they need from only one source
  • No double-ups means training is easier to understand and easier to follow
  • Compliance-based for your specific industry
ITAD can develop comprehensive training content that becomes a functional part of your business, improving compliance and record management.
  • Effective scheduling for all your training needs, from first-aid to learning management, emergency and more
  • All scheduling from initial employee induction training to refreshers and annual updates
  • Accurate record management to meet your training compliance obligations
By consulting with you, we carefully assess your training needs to design training content that’s integrated with your procedures and consistent across all formats.
  • Single sourcing minimises the risk of human error
  • User-focused and tailored to the specific audience
  • Fit-for-purpose

If you’d like to find out more about our training design and development services, our consultative approach and our proven experience, please get in touch.


Can I buy an off-the-shelf content package?

We don’t provide off-the-shelf content because every business is different. If your content doesn’t fit your business, it simply won’t be used. We collaborate closely with you to identify your specific needs so that your technical content is viable, relevant and adhered to by your people.

If it’s customised, does this mean your service costs more?

Our tailored approach actually saves businesses money and time, and reduces potentially costly risks. Because we consult closely with you, we develop only what you need, and we work with your existing resources as much as possible.

Why can’t we handle technical communication internally?

Your people are the subject matter experts. We specialise in asking the right questions to draw out salient information before converting it to high-quality content that meets your specific needs. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop technical communication in the most accurate, streamlined and efficient way. Your experts then review and approve the final content.

How can you write for my industry if you don’t work in my industry?

Our technical communication processes and methodologies are transferrable across industries. Using the technical and industry knowledge gleaned from your identified subject matter experts, we work closely with you throughout the entire process using a planned process to develop, review and approve all content.

Can you help us if we just need a single document?

Yes, we can develop technical content from a single document right through to a complete system. We specialise in ensuring that each document is integrated with your existing systems and processes.

Do you just supply written content?

We supplement our written content with high-quality visual support wherever appropriate. Our graphically enhanced images and illustrations are integrated within the documentation to optimise user understanding.

Everything starts and ends with consultation

Every client’s content needs are different, and that’s why we look at the whole picture instead of a single piece of information or a single procedure. Through our close consultation process we can help identify any gaps that may impede the viability and use of the information. We can also help with:

  • Business analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • Project management
  • Change management